How I record video.

GoPro Elite Aviator Kit Nflightcam

Best aviation GoPro Kit; and excellent customer service!

I bought a GoPro Hero3 Black as new in the box from a friend, a GoPro Session with suction mount, a multi purpose external battery, and the Nflightcam Elite Aviator kit which includes mounts, case, and audio patch/charging cable for the Hero3. I cannot say enough about how good the Nflightcam company is and the quality in excellent. The Hero3 I mount on the windshield and the Session I mount on the side window either recording the cockpit or out the side view. Each camera has a 32gb micro sd card and the setup will run for at lease 4 hours minimum.

A few guys at work have given me a hard time, all in fun I’m sure, about flying and texting aka taking pictures and video. I assure you I do it safely. Above is the kit I use, I set it up and turn it on before I move the aircraft and let it record; if something goes wrong with the video equipment during flight my personal rule is that I will not attempt to fix it or mess with it until I land. As a pilot you must learn to multitask and stay ahead of the airplane but at this point I am unwilling to add this task to the mix.

The video I record is great to post on the blog and Facebook so family and friends can keep in touch but is also of great value as I analyze my maneuvers, landings, etc in order to improve them for the next flight and determine what I can do better. Often I notice things while reviewing the video that I didn’t notice in flight and am able to apply those lessons learned in the future.


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