Progress, and a new phase of study…..

I can’t say enough good things about the owner of Dream Flight School out of Westminster, Md KDMW. Jeremy is articulate, professional, easy going and understanding. When you talk to him you can tell he has a genuine love of aviation and wants to share it with you so that you can succeed in reaching your goals.

As I said in an earlier post I started in Frederick, Md and then transferred to Westminster after a couple months. Due to transferring it took several lessons to get settled in and figure out where I fit into their syllabus; oh and I had to get the landings down and tighten up a few things so I could get my solo endorsements prior to moving on in my training.

So I was going over all my lessons on an excel spreadsheet that I keep and looking at the regulations covering training requirements, specifically FAR 61.109, trying to figure out where I stood. I emailed the Jeremy and asked him about it and he invited me to meet with him after my next lesson on Saturday.

We met and discussed my training at length and he examined my flight log book to compare it with the requirements in FAR 61.109. After doing so he wrote out a custom syllabus to cover exactly what I had left to do and we discussed what would be covered in each lesson.

My Syllabus

So to include my Practical Test Oral/Flight given by a DPE Designated Pilot Examiner, I could be finished in 8 lessons! Holy Cow this is getting real!!!!!

With that said today I opened a new chapter of studying; I MUST buckle down and study for the Oral portion of the practical exam. So today I cracked open my exam guide, my electronic copy of the Federal Regulations, and my thick notebook full of notes from Ground School.

Wish me luck and a revitalized memory as the cramming begins!

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to do my long cross country XC solo flight which must be 150 or more nautical miles with 3 landings at a towered airport and one leg between landings of more than 50 nautical miles.

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