Oral Exam Prep Session

From now on I’m scheduled for one lesson a week. I have 8 hours of oral exam prep to complete and three moc check rides with the schools chief CFI (certified flight instructor) and flight school owner. Then I will have the option of scheduling my final exam so to speak: an all day affair where I will be given a scenario about three days in advance. I will have to plan a flight to the given location and prepare all preflight planning and documents. I will then meet with the FAA Designated Pilot Examiner for 2-3 hours where he will go over my plan and question me about everything in the certification standards. Everything I have learned or been exposed to in training and the FAA Handbooks for Private Pilot is fair game. If he determines that I have “displayed knowledge” he will pass me on the oral portion and we will continue on to the flight portion during which he will watch and question me while I conduct a preflight inspection and prepare the airplane for the flight. Finally we will fly the route during which the examiner will continue to question me and instruct me to perform all the required maneuvers and emergency procedures. In total it will last 3 to 5 hours, 4 or so being average.

This past Friday we had some crazy winds, 16 kts gusting to 34 kts. Being that the crosswind max for a Cessna 172s is 15 kts we obviously couldn’t fly. Therefore we knocked out 5 solid hours of oral exam preparation. The session was extremely helpful in helping me refine my answers since oral presentation is not my strong suit; it really gave me a good idea on what to focus on. I’m becoming tired of studying my oral prep study guide but I know it will pay off on exam day.

Hopefully we can fly this coming friday, but if not we will finish the oral preparation and then move on to the moc check rides. Until then its study study study. The weather section is my weak area so I will be doubling down on that subject…….


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