Getting Real; the pressure is on.

A short entry this week after my second practice check ride yesterday. I did some things  well but others I am still not happy with at all.  It seems like I’m nailing some of the more difficult things but choking on those simple tasks and it makes me wonder if it’s not just the pressure of putting it all together; everything I have learned into such a short flight one after another.

Regardless I have the required endorsements in my logbook to  schedule my oral exam and DPE designated pilot examiner checkride.  My application for my pilot certificate has been filed so I’m simply waiting on a call from the examiner to schedule a time that works for both of us.

I need to find a time that still allows me to go up one or two more times on my own just to polish a few things and gain a last little boost of much needed confidence.

My  flight instructor wants me to do it sooner than later as in before Thanksgiving but with the unstable fall weather and my schedule it’s going to depend on the examiner’s schedule and how the weather works out.

So this week I hit the books one more time and we will see what happens.

Signed teeth chattering!

 Prepared for my last practice check ride.

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