Short Field Takeoff & Landing Practice

Ok so this weeks update is two part: 1) it looks like the earliest I can do my Oral Exam and Check Ride aka the  Private Pilot Practical Test is November 28th. So until then I will study the prep book and my notes and keep everything fresh. 2) To keep the aviator stick and rudder skills sharp and work on my weaknesses I scheduled time last night and two days next week.

On base to turn final for runway 34 Carroll County Md KDMW

Last night was a beautiful night to fly so I did 10 laps of the pattern practicing short field take-offs and landings.

The Video is about 25 minutes and shows three complete take-offs and landings. You can skip around to each landing as you see fit as they are about evenly spaced throughout the video.


Below are some pictures of the sunset from base leg and screen shots form Cloudahoy debrief software. I mount a Stratus2 in the cockpit, it has GPS, pressure altitude sensor, and a bunch of other stuff to give me traffic ands weather displayed on my iPad. It is also a cockpit data recorder from which I can download a file and use with Cloudahoy to analyze my flight segment by segment. This allows me to sit back and see where I did well and where I can do better in a way that isn’t possible without having and instructor with me and even then…….


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