“I’m a Pilot”

Wow that was a long day: at the school at 06:00, DPE arrived in his twin engine (show off lol) promptly at 07:00. Winds were calm throughout the planned route with a little haze, 10sm Vis. Local ATIS reporting 140/5. One southern TAF appprox 50 miles away showed gusty winds beginning in the afternoon. I crossed my fingers…..

The oral portion lasted until 11:00, all that studying payed off, I never felt rattled or drew any blanks. I didn’t know everything about every question or topic but was able to discuss it and knew where to look in the FAR or HBs.

As we took a lunch break to update weather winds were 130/10…. NO!!!!! Where did my perfect morning go. I know I’ve flown in worse; var/gusty/so on. But this is my check ride… nerves, new person evaluating me in the right seat.

The fuel trucks are down so I drive the plane over to the opposite end of the airport for self serves send 40 minutes trying to get the pumps to work: school credit card denied. I try my own with the same results. I get on the phone and find the self serve is also down! I stick the tanks and determine I have more fuel than gauges show. I refigure my Wt&Bal and Navigation Log and determine we have enough fuel. I brief the DPE and we load up and taxi out.

After run-up a last check of ATIS shows 130/10G14. NO NO NO!!! I figure I have gone this far and if I blow it then I’ll just come back. I’ll get down what I can before the DPE pulls the plug on me.

We climb out and get bounced around all the way up, I find my first checkpoint and pick up my new heading. After the second checkpoint I get diverted due to sick passenger and it goes pretty well even though The haze/VIS is much worse than forecasted. I had to do a couple lazy S turns to find the airport because it was tough to pick out the field with the haze but I get there.

So we move on to the next task and then the next. I TOTALLY FORGOT TO BE NERVOUS. The rough ride out to cruise caused me to focus and just do what I could. I know I could have turned around and asked for a continuance but I had come this far and with the holidays and weather makeup days were dwindling. Conditions were safe just far from optimal.

So glad I stuck it out and look forward to building hours and beginning work on my instrument.

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