Enough with the laziness!

Ok so 3 days into my pilot life and I’m having withdrawals from not exercising my certificate privileges. What to do with my time now that the study guide and notebooks have taken their place on the bookshelf until needed at a later date??????

Not so fast….. as the saying goes “a good pilot is always learning” and in reality my basic certificate is a learners permit without restrictions. 

So it’s onto the Garmin G1000 advanced avionics course and then a few lessons with a CFI (certified flight instructor) to get checked out on a Diamond DA40 and get my complex endorsement. 

Garmin G1000 Course

Garmin G1000 Overview (1 hour)
After that and before mid January I’ll start the ground school part of my Instrument Rating with the goal of finishing it up prior to my biannual flight review; a check ride with a pilot examiner for your instrument rating fulfills the biannual requirement. 

After polling everyone on the AOPA (Airplane Owners and Pilot Assosiation) Facebook page asking about instrument ground schools I determined to take the advice of some that said due to the complexity of the material the King Schools course is great for passing the required computerized FAA knowledge exam and The Sportys course is better for real world application and passing your FAA Pilot Examiner check ride. 

These courses come highly recommended. I used to the Kings Schools private pilot course to complete my private pilot certificate. One of the determining factors for me in using these courses is the fact that they have an iOS Apple app allowing you to download and do the course  completely from your iPad without Internet connection and then uploading your progress to their server. With my travel schedule at work and the still pathetic state of airport and aircraft Wi-Fi the necessity for a good Wi-Fi connection to actually work on the course is a dealbreaker for many other courses. 

King Schools Instrument Course

Sportys Instrument Course

So that’s the plan… wish me well. 

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