Moving on…

I used King Schools to complete my ground school for my private pilot certificate and I received several additional courses with my everything bundle;  however during all the work to complete my certificate I hadn’t had time to complete some of the additional courses.  So before I moved on I wanted to go ahead and complete them.

After that it was on to the initial viewing of my Garman G1000 check out course.

The advanced Garmin avionics package is quite complex  so I can see how it can be cost-effective to buy a course and get  familiarized  with it before you’re paying hourly on an aircraft and instructor to get checked out on a G1000  equipped  airplane.

My in-depth Garmin course with interactive simulator  has been ordered and is on its way.  The course is PC only and and runs off of 3 Cd Roms;  however a computer friend of mine will be installing VMware and Windows on my MacBook Pro  and says that he has a way to download the CDs  to my hard drive so that I can run it all from my hard drive.  After all caring say days with you is so old school!

Here is a taste of the intro course  I am taking while I wait for the in depth course to arrive and my computer to get set up. VIDEO



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