Starting Instrument Ground School

Every 10 to 20 days I try to update everyone about how its going. I have a plane reserved for Dec 20th so hopefully the weather cooperates and I can take Laura up for a 300 nm sightseeing flight. Our first flight together! She didn’t want to make me nervous so last weekend she did her own discovery flight.


As I said I went all in and ordered the King School Career Pilot bundle along with the Garmin G1000 Checkout Bundle. The G1000 bundle came in the mail today so my computer guy is going to put VMware on my MacBook Pro and Windows 7, then install the software bundles and get everything going this weekend.

The G1000 bundle works best if you can run the course on one monitor and the G1000 Simulator on another; therefore I have that all set up ready to go.


I’m a couple hours into the course and learning so much, very complex stuff but not too difficult and the Kings School gives it to you in bite sized pieces which keeps my stress levels in check!


You have to pay attention to the details in instrument ground school, PHEW!

Below: I kept thinking there was something missing that I needed to know and the question doesn’t supply you with the legends that they say are available to determine whether it is a high, low, or terminal. Though I knew highs are generally 100 miles at that altitude and lows 40 minutes so by process of elimination… It took me a moment to figure out what the answer was and why.


The below article is spot on:



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