Breakfast Flight

Today was a good day!

1st time exercising my privileges! Took Laura Beck 256nm with a stop at KESN’s awesome cafe Sugar Buns.

We spotted a really cool plane that pulled up at the cafe: Leza-Lockwood Air Cam Tail# N721TS  Video Yes I did a little Internet searching to educate myself on what it was and saw many others had posted pictures of this neat plane.

It was a perfect day, clear skies with calm winds and though cold the lack of visible moisture meant no threat of icing. Below is our route. We flew underneath Baltimore BWI airspace and out across the Chessapeake Bay, toured the eastern shore and then up to get a good view of Dover AFB, the Delaware River,  and Nuclear Power Plants. Then over the top of Harve De Grace, up the Susquehanna River, a few zig zags to see some small airports like S37 and N71, then over to Gettysburg PA W05 and back home.

Building hours towards starting instrument training and getting Laura more comfortable; hope to transport our furry friends soon!


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