Instrument Training: Flight Planning

Well somehow I just deleted my opening paragraph grrrrr!

Since I obtained my pilot certificate Nov 20th, 2016 I’ve only flown once šŸ˜© AND ITS KILLING ME; since April I had flown twice a week so there is a sudden void. I struggle to strike a balance between maintaining my fledgling aviation skills and saving money to pay off some bills and the portion I borrowed to get the pilot certificate to begin with. Then there are all those things that took a back seat since April; the house projects such as the back yard and bathroom rebuild, serious physical training, etc. So I slowly figure out how to move into this next phase and find ways to fly while paying attention to the above. Having the Instrument Rating Ground School to pour myself into does help distract me.

I know for many the Instrument Ground School posts are either boring, technical, bizarre, and/or generally uncomprhessable. However I hope that you will hang in there and skim them over. As I get to the flying portion down the road they will all come together and accumulatively they show just how much effort, time, and energy goes into this rating.

I’m pleased that I studied hard for my pilot certificate because many of the same knowledge sets are used for this additional rating only with several degrees pof complexity layered on. Today I decided to pull that fancy electronic E6B out of the desk drawer and lean how to use it. For my FAA Pilot Knowledge Exam I used the original manual E6B aka wiz wheel and standard calculator but the problems are more complex and I’m so slow with the wiz wheel that being able to see your data entries and the automation really speeds things up and allows you to double check calculations. It also has so many functions like conversions and being able to add/subtract a mix of time in decimal and he:mm:seconds formats.

So last week ended with Holding Patterns and this week started with IFR Flight Planning.

Below is a sample:


Manual original E6B aka Wiz Wheel

Explination to the above pictured question in case you wanted to check your work.


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