Instrument Studies Cont; finally able to fly today.

I’m continuing my studies working my way through the ASA 2017 Instrument Test Prep Book. Currently on the last section of chapter 7 of 8. After that I will do the 3 online practice tests from my ground school and the 5 practice tests from the ASA book. These tests are just like the real one and let you work out all your testing stress, testing strategy, and timing while exercising your knowledge and working out any gaps in understanding.

I’ve been trying to be a responsible adult and pay off some bills, my flight training, and all that stuff….. this being responsible isn’t going to last long! I NEED TO FLY!

I have kindred spirits in aviation and we were able to get up together today and practice some 2 pilot flying. The experience with the Garmin G1000 Avionics was great and it was really cool to work with another pilot to complete the necessary tasks. I worked the radios with Flight Following and navigation tasks while becoming familiar with the G1000.

I’ll let the pictures and coming video speak for itself, the views were Awesome!

We departed KDMW Carroll County Md and flew southwest near KFDK Frederick Md then up west to Cumberland Md KCBE where we stopped at the very nice FBO to check a malfunctioning fuel gauge sensor and double check our fuel quantities. After that we departed for a short leg to Garrett County 2G4 for a touch and go. Finally back to Carroll County via a route safely south of the P40 prohibited area over Camp David Md.

It was a great day and I thank my friend for giving me some experience on the Diamond DA40 and G1000 while satisfying the need to break the bonds of earth for a few short hours.

Now back to the books to get this instrument test out of the way.

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