FAA Instrument Knowledge Exam: PASSED!

Wow that was the hardest test I have ever taken; thankfully I studied hard and went over and over it until I understood the concepts and different ways in which the concepts can be asked in a question format. When your books look like this your almost ready to test.

So much of this stuff is easier to grasp in the plane flying and applying it but hard to get in written format. The two days leading up to the test I was so nervous! My hands were shaky the morning of the exam so I did a long bike ride to relax.

Though not the closest testing center I choose to go back to V1 Aeronautics in Hagerstown Md because their testing center is very clean, quiet, and comfortable. I went there to take my Private Pilot Exam because the closer locations were booked up; after my experience there I’ll go back to them for all my testing and maybe some flight training. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and articulate; I’m sure he’s a great instructor.

So battling the nerves I drove to Hagerstown with my protractors, flight computer (sort of like a scientific calculator for pilots) and instructors letter stating I had completed my instrument ground school and was ready for the test. I’m so glad I took 5 pretests because when you click the start button and that clock starts counting down the pressure is on. Testing strategy plays a big part in doing well on these tests, how much time spend analysing a question before making a decision and not second guessing yourself and changing it to an incorrect answer, which ones to mark for a second look, which ones to skip and come back to later, etc.

After the first 8 or 10 questions I was wondering if I had the wrong test! Like I know the material and the answer to a question but the available answers are crazy, as in not in English or written by someone who speaks English as a first language. I am still mentally exhausted.

A big shout out to the one who believed in me when I often do not. Laura Beck is the best.

Score 90%

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