Diamond DA40 Practice

We survived the “blizzard” last week and the fronts moving through bringing days worth of gusty variable winds; meaning as is normal this time of year the days available to fly are quite limited. So when I happened to be off work on a calm clear day I jumped online and reserved an airplane, a Diamond DA40. As you may know from my prior post I just received 3 hours instruction earlier this month and was checked out on this aircraft. So this was the first flight in a Diamond by myself.


To tell you the truth I was a bit nervous going out by myself in this airplane since my instruction had been in extremely gusty and variable winds up to maximum allowable. Therefore I never really felt stabilized on approach to land. I never botched the landings but none were pretty to say the least.

Today’s flight was basic pattern work. Eight loops around the pattern, 8 take offs and landings.


It was a basic confidence building flight! My landings were soft and smooth down the centerline and I never scared myself; always a good sign. Becoming comfortable in this aircraft is an important step in beginning the flight portion of my instrument training so it was a successful day.

Finally all the fancy machines were out there today, several turbo props, citation jets, and several 172s on training runs. Carroll County Regional was hopping today!!!!!

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