1st Instrument Rating Lesson

For non instrument rated pilots the clouds are deadly in as little as 178 seconds!

So today I started the flight portion of my Instrument Rating after completing my ground school and knowledge test earlier this month. We had poor weather forecasted in the form of thunderstorms and for once the forecast was correct. Therefore we started in the simulator with instrument scanning techniques, standard rate turns, timed turns, and flying patterns. It was a real eye opener; I’d feel the disorientation coming on then the aircraft nose would drop and I’d begin a hard roll over, just catching myself in time.

Thankfully the school has a pretty good full motion simulator that is amazingly realistic for this type of training. You have to train yourself to override natural sensations and depend on your instruments, scanning them continuously, interpreting them, then applying proper corrections to the flight controls. Over and over and over, the second you fixate or become distracted your nose drops and the wings roll into a dive.

The video is 5 minutes and about halfway through is a picture of the procedure I was attempting to fly:

Very cool stuff. My lessons are booked through May in the Diamond DA40 Aircraft.

To be cont….

2 Comments on “1st Instrument Rating Lesson

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