Hounds Fly

Hounds Fly and Dreams do come true!

1st Rescue Fight: Mission Accomplished.

My last post spoke about how this wonderful day came to be. I kept everyone involved informed as the day progressed through a group message Deb set up. I was so excited to be a part of it and focused on doing my job. After delivering my pawsenger to Atlantic City International I flew home and had to drive my son back to Pennsylvania. By the time I got back home and everything put away it was late and I was totally exhausted!

I was taken by surprise by Deb Young’s kind words and everyones overwhelming kind comments. There is no way I could express how I felt or express them any better than she already has:

From the ABTCR Facebook page:

“Hounds Fly and Dreams do come true! Just ask ABTCR’s Lulabelle! After years of planning, hours of training, and a lot of hard work & determination, ABTCR is celebrating Philip R Allen’s first air transport Freedom Ride! Lulabelle boarded Philip’s plane in Lynchburg, VA this morning. She just arrived at the Atlantic City, NJ airport to meet her ABTCR foster mom, Julie & Steve Hodsdon We could not be more proud of Philip for realizing his goal today! Helping transport homeless hounds is such an important part of the rescue puzzle. And we are thrilled to say that Hounds Fly! Can the Coonhound Nation help Philip celebrate this incredible personal accomplishment???”


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