Camera Mounting

I get asked a lot about how I mount my cameras, what equipment I use, and stuff like that. I am by no means a photography or video expert. I started out with one GoPro and slowly figured it out by trial and error, lots of error. In fact just yesterday I was searching the internet attempting to figure out what all the video and frame rate options mean in the camera set up menus. But for what its worth I’m posting what I use here in case it might help others cut the learning curve a bit. I have no connection with GoPro and there are other action cameras out there by Garmin and the like that are as good or better than GoPro. They all have common video quality and common limitations such as recording time due to memory or battery limitations. I only use then to record long sections of flights for later editing so I don’t know anything about the pros/cons of different cameras in photo, time lapse, or other modes.

I have found that with a few accessories for my cameras I can get 5 to 6 hours recoding time out of them if all goes well. Although I have had some issues with the cameras for some reason shutting off unexpectedly even though memory and battery are not exhausted; not always just now and then….. working on that one.

My safety rule is that I set my cameras up on the ground, start recording or get them set up for one button push on/record, and I get what I get. I refuse to let them compromise safety by distracting me in flight. If I set up one button push on/record I will only start them once in cruise at altitude prior to any change in flight modes such as descent and I will only mess with them then.

I have a variety of mounts from GoPro and RAM since I fly a variety of airplanes and each has different mounting surfaces and situations. Therefore I like a selection of mounts that I can adapt to different situations.

My Equipment:

My prop filter, aviation GoPro Case, and audio patch cable came in the Nflight Cockpit Kit from:

I order my RAM universal mounting arms, brackets, RAM-to-GoPro adapters, etc from Smile Amazon (please set up a free Smile Amazon account and select ABTCR American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue as your charity and a percentage of every order will be donated to ABTCR)

One big issue with any action camera is battery life; especially in an application like aviation where you need to mount the camera, start recording, and leave it alone as you have too much to do and can’t be distracted by camera operation. Therefore I max out my cameras memory with top quality Micro SD cards and an added battery pack that replaces the back cover of the protective GoPro Case.
  •  Hero 3+ max SD Card 64gb/Hero 4 max SD Card 128gb
I use Samsung Pro+ or ScanDisk Extreme SD Cards recommended by GoPro:

Re-Fuel 6 hour ActionPack Battery

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