More PIC XC time and a flight with my kids!

Not a lot to say other than I used my continuing assignment to finish building my Cross Country Pilot in Command time required for my instrument training to take by boys on a flight and practice all the avionics buttonology. My older one said he likes the takeoffs and landings and that lends itself to practicing ATC communications and setting up the avionics and configuring & reconfiguring the plane for different stages of flight. So all worked out well.

We flew from Carroll County Regional Airport to the navigation aid EMI and I showed my son how the plane can fly an instrument procedure turn and holding pattern all by itself. Then we flew and landed at Frederick, Hagerstown, and Cumberland, Md.

After a great lunch their mother picked them up there and and I overflew Martinsburg, WV on my way back to Carroll Co Regional.

Thanks for watching. 13 min.


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