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It took me forever to start writing about my flying experiences because I’m not a professional writer and never like talking about myself, feels weird. However after so many friends and family kept asking about how flying was going I finally began my diary aka blog. I worked hard from April-Nov 2016 for my private certificate and began my instrument training this past April. Last month I finally achieved my goal of doing some rescue flights. My girlfriend emailed the paper and they interviewed me. I saw a blurb on the Carroll County Times FB page about it and figured that would be it. Relieved I didn’t think much of it but the reporter texted me saying the full story would run sometime soon; I figured a little human interest piece in the back page somewhere to fill space. Imagine my surprise when I saw Tuesdays Carroll County Times and then a week later on page 2 of the Baltimore Sun!


CLICK HERE: Read the story. CCT Article 8-8-2017

Link to original: Carroll  County Times, Carroll County Md.


Link to Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Md.

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