Logging Time

Studying hard for my final, Practical Exam, coming soon and in filling out my application for the exam uncovered some logbook errors!

What a day, and I mean a whole day going through my paper and electronic logbooks trying to get everything to match. I started with just a basic paper logbook and about halfway through my private cert began the Foreflight logbook as a backup and because you can track hours with way more specificity in order to run reports; especially the all experience and 8710 report for filling in a new certificate or rating request.

However after running the reports for my IACRA 8710 instrument app I realized there were way too many inconsistencies. I became surprised that after two ground schools and all that training there hasn’t been any time given to logbook keeping! I’ve sort of learned as I go and made mistakes along the way.

I went through every entry and cross referenced the paper logbook with the electronic one. I double checked the math and scrutinized each entry to see if I logged it correctly. I found several mathematical errors and entries where hours were logged incorrectly or logged one way in paper and another electronically. Also where my CFI or I made errors and I didn’t catch them and carried them through to later pages.


Thank you Laura Beck for going through every entry with me one last time with a fresh set of eyes to catch those last 2 errors.

I still can’t figure out why my Foreflight Logbook isn’t counting the 14.5 simulator instrument hours on my 8710 report even though they are on the All Time Experience Report and are legal hours towards my instrument rating. That and it has one number for instruction received on the 8710 report when the All Experience Report shows the same as Dual Received in my paper logbook. Besides that everything matches.

So the moral of the story is log carefully and learn what you can about logging time as soon as possible.

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