EAA Chapter 1384 (Westminster Md) 2018 RV Fly-In

Helping this Hound

Belle was turned into a Virginia shelter, her time was limited. Post about Belle’s flight and a 3 minute video. Also another video.

Tom Petty: Pulled from a shelter but with no history, completely shut down, terrified of everything and every noise yet so gentle and loving, seeking out people and interacting well. Blog posts about the fight.

Bo: We responded to a call to get him out of a shelter near our house. He had been adopted out years prior but somehow ended up dumped with someone who could not care for him and ended up in a shelter. Thankfully they figured out he was an ABTCR Alumni and the shelter notified ABTCR. He had several large tumors and showed signs of being tied up on a hard surface. He is now healthy and a gentle companion.

Bo August 2015

Bo Now

Unnamed Redbone: A shelter volunteer knew this was a special dog that somehow ended up in a rural shelter with little chance of adoption. She contacted ABTCR and I flew her out of Virginia to a foster in New Jersey  where she was vetted and soon adopted. Blog Post about the flight.

Bella: The dog that started our love of the Coonhound breed.

A story of a puppy meeting a little girl. Flight from Westminster, MD to Canandaigua, NY and back.

Sakka: As of 11/3/17 this boy is available for adoption, along with others we helped get him to his foster/trainer last month. See his page. Browse all available dogs from ABTCR.

Screenshot 2017-11-03 12.40.17

The Bloodhound and Mom with litter were saved from certain death…… read the blog post.

We had the opportunity to provide Christmas cheer to these beautiful puppies last month just in time for the Holidays! Read the blog post for details.

March 6th, 2018
Read about his rescue flight at this blog post.

More to come……..

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