Christmas Flight

I know it’s the second week of January and it’s been a while since my last post, but this season somehow got away from me.  The pace of life was unrelenting with many overnight work trips. That and trying to spend some time with Laura and the kids, while studying hard for my next FAA computerized Knowledge Test, (more on that in another post) consumed most of November and December.

I pretty much took December off from flying.  After finishing my Instrument Rating the end of September I flew to a conference & home through New York, did a couple personal flights in October and then flew a litter of puppies from West Virginia to New Jersey in November. Since all the flying costs are out-of-pocket, taking some time off helped me get a jump on paying down my flight training expenses and absorb Christmas expenses.

I am happy to report that I did have the opportunity to provide a long rescue transport from Baltimore, MD to New Haven, CT for two wonderful puppies on December 16th. For a variety of reasons we choose to do this one by car and make it a weekend away for the family. My sons loved caring for the puppies and it allowed them to take part knowing that by giving up their weekend to drive them to CT, the puppies would be with two separate families of their own for Christmas. Both families with children unsuspecting that their new puppies would arrive with holiday cheer!


This transport was for my favorite organization, ABTCR (American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue). A hard-working and dedicated foster Mom had nurtured Willow & Whisper and readied them for adoption. After work I picked the puppies up in Baltimore in the middle of a snow storm and drove home. We socialized with my two hounds for the evening, then the next morning drove the 6 hours to New Haven, CT where the two adoptive families met us at our hotel. We stayed the night and drove home the next morning. Since then we have stayed in contact with the families and everyone is adjusting well and enjoying life.

I don’t care for new years resolutions, so instead, my promise to you is that I will do better at posting more often to keep everyone up to date on my piloting adventures and hound rescues. Have a great new year!

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