Belle’s rescue flight.

Belle was turned into a rural shelter in Virginia by her owner. Unlike strays who have a 45 day hold on them in the event that their owners come looking for them, Belle had no such hold; therefore her time was limited. ABTCR located a foster for her in Atlantic City, NJ and fortunately my sons and I had the weekend together and the airplane already reserved. I had to get a favor from the pilot who had the plane in the afternoon to give me and extra hour, and we had to start at 3 a.m. to make the long transport flight work, but it was all worth it and we got it done.

We preflighted the plane the night before and had everything set up. A quick check of the plane the next morning and we were off at 4 a.m. The route took us through the DC SFRA to Lynchburg, VA Regional Airport to meet shelter volunteers who had kindly agreed to come in very early and bring Belle to the airport. From there we flew back Northeast to Atlantic City International Airport where an awesome foster family whom I have worked with prior were waiting to receive Belle into their home. Once Belle was safe in their care we flew back to Carroll County Regional (Maryland). Our job was done.

I also brought along a fellow pilot and friend from the flight school so that I could fly the instrument approaches and log them towards my currency requirements.

It was also an opportunity for my two sons to share in the work of HoundPilot and experience the gift of volunteering one’s time and energy.

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