FAA Seminar & EAA Young Eagles Flight

My boys, especially the older one love technology, science, math, and all things STEM! I love that he has so fully embraced STEM and is a self professed nerd. He has blazed through all the math and science classes available to him and is teaching himself piano, takes online programming courses, and builds computers. I’ve slowly introduced the boys to flying and they love it. I gives us a common connection so important as children grow older, trying to stay connected and keep their interest. So a few months ago there was a “Meet the Controllers” night at the Frederick Airport. Thinking we would see the control tower I brought the boys. Instead it was truly a meet the controllers, as in a conference room far from the control tower, where pilots asked boring to 14 year old boy questions to the controllers and they answered them. I thought the night was riveting! My children not so much. To their credit they stat there still and quiet for 2 hours but I liked to have never lived it down…..

So when I saw the FAA Seminar announcement I thought it might be an opportunity to redeem myself especially since they love flying to breakfast.


Lancaster Airport KLNS host these Seminars September through May and they are know for being well attended. I showed the boys the seminar announcement and they were quite excited. I told them at the very least we will fly to breakfast and then afterwards I would give the older one his Young Eagles flight and give him his code for the complimentary Private Pilot Ground School from Sporty’s.

They loved the breakfast and the seminar content, both were focused on the speaker and discussed many of the topics on the flight home and since. It was also good practice for me to give a youngster his first opportunity to take the controls and practice holding a heading and altitude. I have several Young Eagles flight scheduled in the coming months and look forward to sharing aviation and the thrill of flight with others.

Take every opportunity to share time with your children and youngsters; be a positive influence on our young.




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