Transport cancelled – Short Field Trip

It happens sometimes no matter how hard you try. This week a rescue flight fell through at the last minute when another pilot who was going to bring the hound up from Kentucky had to cancel and the round trip considering time, weather, my schedule, and money was just more than I could do. It’s disappointing when you have already put so much time and effort into organizing the flight to not be able to do it. That said you have to accept that once in awhile it’s going to happen. In the future when I have my own plane and can remove the aircraft scheduling and logistical barriers I’ll be able to simply take on the entire round trip mission. The flexibility to do so will be a great asset.

I did still had the plane for a day plus a morning and part of HoundPilot is to share aviation with young people and show them its connection to STEM and the opportunities aviation presents; I am a EAA Young Eagles pilot and though I am just getting started I have been practicing my presentation of the flight experience on my 15 year old son. I figure this way I can give others a better experience and my son and I can enjoy some time together. I am also working on refining what equipment I need or can take on my epic two week adventure this coming July. I will be flying from Maryland to Minnesota, visiting family, then to Wisconsin for the awe inspiring EAA Air Venture Oshkosh! Therefore, my sons and I  decided to fly to a small airfield 95 miles NE of home where we could camp right on the river next to the runway. It gave me a chance to practice:

  • teaching my son some of the basics of flying
  • figuring out what I could or couldn’t take considering weight & balance and the aircraft capabilities
  • packing and use of my camping gear
  • practice going into and out of an airport with a short narrow runway, no lighting or vertical slope guidance, and no control tower or arrival/departure procedures

Though a check of the weather and conditions changing for the worse caused me to make the decision to depart for home earlier than desired or planned, it was a good experience and great practice. Often there are very small airfields just like this one conveniently located near where I get a request to conduct a hound rescue flight. Many times volunteers are from shelters and are simple taking a few minutes out of there day to transport the hound from the shelter to the airport and cannot drive long distances. These smaller airports allow me to get to these hounds but do present unique challenges especially when I am not failure with them.

Gaining experience using these small airfields, practicing my flight experience presentation, and spending some time with my sons was time well spent.


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