Let’s Help this Dog!

I normally put these requests on my personal Facebook page and Houndpilot Facebook page; but this time my neighbor contacted me for help. She is the Vet Tech that saved this sweet hound.

Please donate whatever you can and lets get this hound on the path to recovery.

Arty has been brought into our local Vet clinic to be Euthanized, due to his family being unable to cover the expense of ACL repair surgery. AMMAR Hounds was contacted concerning rescue, as one of the vet techs secured “Arty”. This young man has many years ahead of him in a loving home. Arty is now safe, but requires this much needed surgery before he can enter the adoption network. AMMAR is accepting local foster offers to care for him through his surgical care. Please help us as a Non Profit 501.c.3, to save “Arty”

Vet Services will be provided by Advanced Vet Complex of Reistertown MD. 21136

Contact: AMMAR Hounds on facebook OR Kelsey At the clinic. (410) 833-0500

A fund has been established: Fund to pay for surgery.


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