Status Check and Summer Plans

Laura and I have been working hard behind the scenes on HoundPilot. As a result of our meeting in Raleigh, NC over Memorial Day weekend (see this blog post) we have decided to double back on our efforts and make sure our online presence and business plans are squared away.  We are busy researching business stuff and getting everything set up so that we can comply with all federal/state reporting requirements; honing our mission so that we can compliment what others are doing as opposed to mirroring. We want to combine our passion for rescuing hounds with volunteering.   This will help introduce young people to aviation while providing them opportunities to help hounds.  They will be able obtain flight training or aviation related experiences to get them interested in future opportunities it provides.

GREAT NEWS: HoundPilot is now HoundPilot Inc. and all of our federal and Maryland state filings have been accepted. We are now a 501(c)(3) tax deductible Public Charity!

We are working hard to bring our website and online presence in sync with one another so please be on the lookout as we get these tasks completed. The website is scheduled to undergo a complete redesign during the period of mid August through September.

Also as I discussed in prior posts, Laura and I will be traveling to the worlds largest general aviation Fly-In on July 18th – 31st in Oshkosh Wisconsin: EAA Airventure 2018! This event will provide many educational and networking opportunities as EAA is one of the leading organizations seeking to save aviation in the U.S. and introduce young people to all it offers.

Shortly after returning I start my Multi-Engine and Commercial pilot training August 8th through September so it will be a busy and somewhat stressful summer and fall; hard work but worth every penny!

And as promised earlier this year, I will once again try and provide at least two posts a month updating our process and sharing the latest.

Thank you all for supporting us and being a part of what we are doing!


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