My Favorite Links

Here are some URL’s I’ve found useful:

Sporty’s Pilot Shop: Foreflight 8 updates

16 favorite aviation quotes – Air Facts Journal

ACS Slow Flight Controversy

CloudAhoy – Analysis and debrief software.


Obtain, convert, and confirm longitude and latitude coordinates for use in gps.

Avoiding a bad approach and landing.

Make any sunglasses into Readers honestly don’t know what I would do without these. I can keep my Oakleys and see my chart & flight log. Excellent optical quality.

Reference and Guide books These books are as good as they get. The METAR/TAF, TFR, and NOTAM books belong on your tablet or in your flight bag. The quick reference tables and concise decoding info they give is invaluable to decipher coded reports.

I tried a variety of expensive specialized chart pens and highlighters; however, these PILOT FAIXION Erasable pens beat them all. My 12 yr old uses them at school and said I should try them! They come in black, blue, and red which is great for marking up charts and they erase great, far better than chart highlighters. You can buy them at many stores like Walmart or Office Depot. Video of use.

VOR radio navigation: Finding your way to a VOR. 

How to intercept VOR radio navigation signal. Great video.

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